Dolmen Pro Grigio

Atlas Plan full-bodied porcelain tile.

Dolmen Pro Grigio expresses all the material strength of flamed porphyry, enhanced with shades that emphasise its gleam and beauty. Dolmen Pro is one of the products that has made Atlas Concorde history and is now back in production in large sizes.

Stone effect Dolmen Pro Grigio is a compact and even material, which is perfect for all projects and applications requiring continuity between the surface and the edges.

The slab comes in the 162×324 cm size and is available in 12mm thickness. It is designed to combine the superior performance of porcelain tiles with elegant and painstaking details.

Natura-Body Tech is the new Atlas Plan technology that allows the aesthetics of natural stone to be reproduced across both the surface and body of the slab. Technology that responds to the aesthetic needs of the furniture and architectural world.

Natura-Body Tech is an exclusive technology ideal for use any type of environment, residential or commercial, in which continuity is a requirement. Full-body porcelain stoneware is a product composed of the same material throughout, compact and homogeneous. A particular processing technique that guarantees aesthetic permanence even if the upper layer sustains damage.


Overall Dimensions

3240x1620x12mm (not rectified)



Surface Texture


Dolmen Pro Grigio inspiration

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